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To harness the power of quantum, you must capture and manipulate its very core. The photon. With cyberspace moving towards the quantum regime, the creation and control of photons is more important than ever.

Luminere Systems specialises in quantum solutions for the upcoming challenges of next-generation quantum technologies.

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Ready to help you realise the quantum regime

Single-Photon Gun

Single-photons on demand, turn-key, robust, and portable. 

Single-Photon Sources

Ultra-bright single-photons for all your quantum needs.

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Single-photons for many industries

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Protection against hacking and cybercrime is more important than ever. Luminere Systems is helping to facilitate the paradigm shift in cybersecurity towards quantum.


Luminere Systems provides support for research groups in academia and business. Whether you are starting your journey or are in the thick of it, we are here to help.


Education is in the heart of our products. Luminere Systems prides itself on transforming fundamental science into solutions for tomorrow’s problems, as well as tools for teaching the next generation of quantum scientists. 

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We provide consultancy for businesses and research groups in the fields of laser design, quantum optics, and nanophotonics

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  • Optical/optomechanical design and engineering
  • Fibre-integrated design and mode-matching calculations
  • Pre-prototype product design packages
  • Zemax design, simulation, and analysis